Queerbash 9- Queers Go Native


Out in UL presents the the 9th year of Queerbash. Dolan’s Warehouse. Friday 13th April. Doors open at 9pm to a night of uncensored madness.

Hosted by Madonna Lucia and Sheila Fits-Patrick. Performances from the untouchable Candy Warhol, Fada and Eileen, Dance UL and UL Drama. Tribal drumming from Jack Deacon. With music from DJ Jeff and Return to Sender (RTS). And a few suprises!

Queerbash 9 is set to be better than ever as this year’s tribal theme takes over! Dust off that old African headpiece and release your inner animal. This will be a Friday the 13th you’ll never remember!

Dolans Warehouse
Friday 13th April

Queers Go Native.

Check out the event page

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