The Secrets Party

Secrets poster online

We All Have Secrets

At 8pm on Tuesday 4th September, as part of the Limerick Pride festival, Out in UL will host the Secrets Party.

Inspired by, this is an art piece with a twist. We’re asking you to send us your secrets on postcards. They can be anything you want; whether it’s that you wet the bed, or that you’re afraid of the dark, or something more sinister. If it’s something you haven’t told anyone else, write it down and send it to us. You can design the postcards yourself, or you can get one at the shop. This is your secret, make it your own.

On the night, all the secrets we collect over the next few weeks will be displayed on the walls of Baker Place. You can come, have a drink, read other people’s secrets, and put your own secrets on display. All secrets will be anonymous.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or who you love. We are all connected by our secrets.

Post your secrets to:
Out in UL,
Clubs and Societies Office,
Students’ Union,
University of Limerick.

Alternatively, email a JPEG of your postcard to
Those who post secrets or bring secrets on the night will receive a concession.

And make sure to visit the event page!

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