It Gets Better

It gets better poster3

Out in UL is creating its very own ‘It Gets Better’ video! Filming will take place all day Tuesday 9 October in room 2 of UL Students’ Union.

It Gets Better is a series of videos made for the LGBTQ community in an effort to stop suicide among young LGBTQ people. The premise is simple, come in, tell a story about yourself, your friends or your views towards LGBTQ people. Be it a coming out story, a story about an LGBTQ person in your life that you look up to, or just showing your support for the community itself.

These videos have been a source of inspiration and support for a lot of young people, and we hope our video will contribute towards that. Check out the project’s website, and view the hundreds and hundreds of videos that have been made

We hope that everyone who’s a friend of the queer community will take part in the making of this video. It’s time to show everyone out there that it really does get better!

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