Rainbow Week Day 5


Thanks a lot to everyone who tore it up at Bakers Place last night for the Big Night OUT! We had an amazing night! Thanks to all our performers of the night; Connie Liebe, Titfanni and Clíodhna and Rob!

So here’s today’s plan…

Firstly at 12 noon we have our Recovery Brunch in the Scholars Club, try and drag yo selves out of bed and battle those hangovers, We’

re meeting to sit, eat, drink large amounts of coffee and try to piece together our shattered lives after last night.

Then at 9pm in The Stables Club we have TGIF Week 9 – Glitter Party for Rainbow Week! This is the perfect opportunity to add that extra sparkle to your clothes! Because just doing it on Thursday Night isn’t enough.

Then that’ll be it, Rainbow Week 2012 will close for another year, try and hold back the tears 🙂

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