Queerbash 10 – A Summary

For those of you who were silly enough or unlucky enough to have missed this year’s Queerbash, here’s a brief synopsis: cake, erotic dancing and the unending sound of balloons popping. Like a kid’s party on crystal meth. If you’ve ever been to Queerbash before, you’ll know that’s an apt description.

Queerbash 10 opened with an introduction from Davina Devine and an insightful look into her view on small penises. Performances from Candy Warhol, Milk Baby, UL Dance, and UL Drama Soc followed, culminating in a set from DJ John Kelly and a chorus line featuring our very own president, Kate, and Drama Soc’s offerings.

UL PhotoSoc snapped some shots on the night, which you can check out on their Facebook page.

A nearly-nude Candy Warhol entices the audience.
Co-host Candy Warhol during her performance of The Cranberries’ Zombie.


The darling Davina Devine opened Queerbash 10 with her endearing description of a night in with a big penis.
Davina Devine – our saucy host.


UL’s Drama Soc gave us a cheeky, sneaky preview of their upcoming show, Men in Tights.
Men in tights? Pretty appropriate for a big gay night out.




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