Rainbow Week 2013 (Nov. 4 – 8)

Hey people,
it’s almost that time of the year again! No, not Christmas – though I hear that’s just around the corner at this point as well – I’m of course talking about Rainbow Week, which all of you should have highlighted and underlined and circled and glittered and all those other things in your calendars, because one week of all things LGBTQ+ (sorry, but I never do manage to get all the letters right, so rather than offend people by getting it wrong, I’ll take the easy way out), why wouldn’t you have that marked?!
This year’s line-up is going to be a real treat (like last year’s line-up, just that this hasn’t yet happened):
On Monday we’ll kick things off with a Casino Royale Night in Stables at 9.30pm
Tuesday’s we’ll have a Bisexuality & Mental Health workshop, followed by a top class debate with Deb U to figure out if “This House would separate into our respective groups of LGBTQ”.
The halfway line will be marked by a workshop on Gender Roles, and a movie night.
Thursday will be our big day/night out in town consisting of “A-Sex in the City”, a coffee (or tea, if you’re so inclined) event in town which will provide you with all you need to know about asexuality, and a night out at Stroker’s Pub from 9.30pm onwards.  
After all those events there’ll be a recovery tea morning with UL’s Tea Soc in the SU Courtyard on Friday morning. And last, but most certainly not least, this year’s Rainbow Week will go out with a bang – aka TGIF with the International Society at Stables.
So, now go spread the word among your friends, acquaintances, and random people on the street so we can make this Rainbow Week the best one yet.

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