Jeremy Kyle’s Out in UL Bonanza!

As part of Societies of UL Week, Out In UL present our LGBTQ spin on the Jeremy Kyle show. An entertaining look at serious LGBTQ issues with audience participation it was something that will not be forgotten for a while and will more than likely result in a few months of inside jokes for those who attended.


The first people up, were Anna and Adam, a mother and son. Anna was a barren 40-something year old who was being shaded to filth by her recently out son, Adam. Anna came on the show worried that her son would never have grandkids, catch an STI or never vom on a vajayjay every again. Andy then dropped a bombshell on his mother; he was HIV+ after being out for only six hours. Anna would not accept her son for who he was and they both eventually agreed to After Care/After Sun where Anna hooked up with Graham twice and the all important DNA result proved that while Adam did not have HIV, he did have Chlamydia.


Next up was Francina/Franciesca/Frank and Samantha, a couple at loggerheads. Samantha was worried because Francina was bisexual and afraid that she would run off with a penis whenever she got the chance to. Eventually they reconciled, even though Samantha didn’t seem to get it… at all.


After that was the similar story of Jesus and Jeremy2.0. Jesus, an ‘Angry Face-McGee’, was furious at Jeremy2.o because he was also bisexual. Jesus was convinced that Jeremy2.0  was sleeping with every single person in the room; the audience, Andys mother, and even Jeremy himself. With some kind of mix of an accent between Dublin, East London and Weston Limerick, the accusations kept constantly flying from Jesus until he found out that he was pregnant. In his shock, Jesus asked Jeremy quietly if it was Jeremy2.0’s which lead to many ‘ooooooooooh’s’ from the audience. Jeremy then dropped another bombshell upon the couple and the audience, when he revealed that Jeremy2.0 was not the father, and to throw another wrench in the mix, Jeremy took someone from the audience to pretend to be the baby-daddy and add a twist to make the show entertaining.


Finally we had the story of Bert. Bert was worried because her two friends Rachel and… Bin-Liner pronounced (Bin-Linay) were treating her differently since she came out as a lesbian and were convinced that she was going to constantly try to flirt with them and they were gonna ‘catch the gay.’ They looked upon Bert as if she were a disease, Rachel even going so far as to try to jump out the window to get away.


And that was our Queer version of the Jeremy Kyle show, where we attempted to advertise how ridiculous stereotypes of the Queer community are, but ended up taking the piss out of everyone. It was a wonderful evening, at the end of which I felt like I was going to get joker scars from the ammount of laughter aided by the fact that our presenter, Token hadn’t slept in 29 hours.  For her heroic feat of not sleeping and keeping it together, here she is in all her glory again. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


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