Géilí Event

Last week, the 19th of Wednesday Cumann Gaelach Ollscoil Luimnigh and Out In UL came together to host the very first Géilí! A gay Céilí in which Cumann Gaelach tried their best to teach Out In UL how to Irish Dance, and us being the most uncoordinated Queers in all the land, failed miserably at it.


The two of the easiest to follow dances in Irish Dancing are the Siege of Ennis and the Walls of Limerick. Bu we managed to screw it up.

Created with Nokia Camera

It began at 8.30 with some drinks and soon after that came the finger food. When we were all happily plump and had succeeded in fighting viciously for the last morsels, the dancing began.

Created with Nokia Camera

At this point some of the members had had a few, which one made things far more entertaining for them and for us watching. Possibly the most surprising thing about the whole night was how exhausting just one dance could be. After that, we were ready to sit for the night.

A huge thanks to Cumann Gaelach for contacting us with the idea. We’d have never thought to do it, but it was bloody fantastic. Hopefully next time we meet, we will be better dancers.

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