Members Meetings Week 2 – 5

So back for another semester at Hogwar- I mean OutInUL and this time, we’ll be trying to bring you updates to what goes on in the members meetings, while also respecting the privacy of our members, therefore, in the following pictures, there should be no members in them apart from the ones who have personally given me their permission.

Our first meeting was your standard induction meeting in Week 2. The evening began with a brief explanation of our rules and the mantra we follow, which is to make sure we make each and every member feel as safe as possible. We held an EGM to designate rolls in the committee to the people who wanted them. There were some oldies and newbies arrived onto the team.


Our second meeting consisted of a talk on the recent issues that had come to light in Ireland, such as Pantigate, the upcoming referendum on same sex marriage in 2015 and what could define ‘homophobia’. We debated on what homophobia could be defined as and if someone who was homophobic because of ignorance due to lack of exposure could be blamed.

WP_20140210_037 WP_20140210_039 WP_20140210_040 WP_20140210_045

The third meeting after that delt with the massive number of Trans* issues in Ireland, both old and new such as their rights and what the government is perceiving them as and how, through complete lack of reference material or expert opinion, the new legislations to come through could hurt the Trans* community even more.

Our fourth and final meeting of this post was that of a Drag Workshop to both build up hype for AMUL and teach our members about the history behind Drag, going back to the Club Kid era to now with Pageant and Comedy Queens. It was hosted by our OCM Niall Russell and our former President Francis Lee. Niall spoke about the areas relating to Drag Queening and Faux Queening, while Francis spoke about Drag Kinging and Faux Kinging. Two of our committee members volunteered to be dragged up for the meeting while the presentation was going on, one to be Queened, the other Kinged. The presentation also went through some drag icons and the methods a person should go through if they are seeking to live the drag lifestyle.

WP_20140224_003 WP_20140224_004 Created with Nokia Camera WP_20140224_19_19_29_Pro Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera Created with Nokia Camera

And that was the first four of our weeks back in college for second semester, hope you all enjoyed and please don’t hesitate to come along to our next meeting at 7p.m. Mondays in S116!

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