Dublin Pride 2014

Well lads, the biggest Pride festival in Ireland has begun and of course, we are going to storm the castle, so to speak. We’ll be traveling up on Friday 27th and most likely, partaking in an event or two on that night (well… most nights).

But it’s gonna be so much fun! We’ve been traveling up to Pride almost every year for almost forever and this year, there is a difference. This year, OutinUL will be officially marching in the parade! Yaaaaaay!


To celebrate this, I made a little image to describe what the weekend would be like:

Happy Pikachu

OutinUL + Dublin Pride = Happy Pikachu!


Throughout the three days, we updated you on what’s going on and what we’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and this blog.

It is true, OutinUL is guilty of being too busy having a good time at the previous Pride’s to do much documentation, but this year we are hoping to change that!

Day 1:
We got the bus up to Dublin, everyone had butterflies in their stomach. When we finally arrived, there was a mad rush for the bathroom as could have been predicted and we got settled in. Luckily for us, this Hostel had a lift up to our floor. We have had an unpleasant experience in the past with a hostel that had no lift and we were on the third floor. Need I remind you we were a bunch of Queers having to drag our suitcases up three flights of stairs. Arms were waived and fingers were snapped. That evening we had a second rendition of Pride Fashion Show. This time, it was a clear rain poncho that was modeled, even though a certain someone couldn’t find the head hole. As we got to the evening time, most of us convened in the one room to have the bants and the prinks together, the only downside being that the room was raised to about 30 degrees because of it. After that a couple of our members went out to Dyke Night and a couple more went out to Plastic. As ever, not everyone decided to go out and throughout the weekend, some stayed in, mostly yours truly.

Day 2:
Day 2 was the day of the parade and we were so excited to be marching in it officially for the first time in forever. music-2-xxl The fun of marching in the Pride parade and hanging around afterward does, unfortunately come at a price, and that is that if you cannot handle walking or standing for extended periods of time, you might need to reconsider attending Pride for a very long period of time. That being said, it’s still massive amounts of fun, even if those in the group with very Irish skin felt like they were ants under a magnifying glass. We managed to find some space in the shade of the park though and sat to listen to the music and speeches that were going on. After that we found out that we’d gotten onto today.ie’s live blogging of the Pride Parade! Even if the tweet that was picked up, wasn’t exactly the most appropriate for all ages… oops. As that night rolled around, more people stayed in or came back early than did the night before and two of our members, in order to no disturb those that had already gone to sleep, went into the bathroom and continued to have the bants in there, where they were gradually joined by three more people. We’re fun people. We’d like to say “We don’t know how we get ourselves into these situations!” but let’s be honest, we bring it upon ourselves.

Day 3 & 4:
The two days after the parade was a good bit quieter than the day before. We took this time to do any shopping that needed to be done, and nurse our hangovers. This time went exceedingly well considering the last time a certain member (someone who will be given the alias ‘Spam’) was in Dublin with  Out in UL, they attempted to walk back to the hostel and ended up 20 minutes away in the opposite direction at PantiBar. However there was one thing in particular that happened that no one could have predicted.

Let me take you on an adventure;

These two members shall be named… uh… Fuchsia and Twinkie. So Fuchsia and Twinkie come back to the hostel after going out shopping and we notice something a little off is going on with them. They’re only back a couple of seconds before they both enter the bathroom with their bags and lock the door. At this point we’re all rather confused as to what is going on, which only becomes even more confusing as we hear the shower being turned on. I should explain further that one of these people is not of the sexual orientation to be attracted to the other person, so we were completely lost. After about ten or fifteen minutes the shower stops and we’re completely unsure what we’ll find when the door is unlocked. But the very last thing we were expecting was for the two of them to come out  with two small inflatable pools and a beach ball. They both put the pools down in the middle of the hostel room floor, sat in them and proceeded to pass the beach ball between them. We had no idea what had possessed them to do something like this, but we loved it. And no, they didn’t put any water in the pools, maybe that would’ve been a step too far.

There wasn’t much else to do in those last two days, besides make your hostel room mates think you’re insane and go upstairs to the balcony smoking area and play cards. The day after that, we took the bus home and each slept for probably over 12 hours.


Here’s what some of our members thought of the trip:

What to say about Dublin Pride 2014? It. Was. Fabulous! As one of Out in UL’s baby queers, this was both my first time actually being at the parade and marching in it, so I was super excited!
By the time we were ready to march in the parade, the sun was finally out, and the #QueerWolves were ready to march! As I was walking along, it hit me that I was completely surrounded by thousands of people who were lining the streets of Dublin for one thing; Pride. It was such an overwhelming experience. I felt like all of these people I’d never met before were basically giving me a big hug and saying “You just keep doing you, and be PROUD of it!” It was such an incredible feeling, one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. 
So to sum up; what’s the date for Dublin Pride 2015?


I love Pride, it will always be a fun experience for me because it is a place where I can openly be me, and I don’t have to worry about who sees. I get to see same sex couples holding hands and kissing in the middle of Dublin. To me that is what pride is all about, being with people who don’t know who you are, but accept you anyway. Marching in the parade gives everyone a sense of pride no matter what. I stood there as a gay man and it felt amazing to be so open and close to people. Being Queer in today’s world is not easy but, at Pride it is safe to say we will have a good time!


“I hope you don’t feel proud to be Queer, I hope you feel lucky.”
That was one of the most powerful lines said in all of Pride for me. I love going up to pride every year, because everyone is represented, everyone is loved and everyone is welcomed. It is ridiculous to think that this is such a rare thing to see in the modern world where we’re supposed to be so forward thinking. That being said, Pride is also a world away from everything you know, and that’s wonderful. You see people in rainbow dresses, leather chaps, showgirl outfits and duct tape Magneto costumes. Pride is a place where anyone and everyone can come and enjoy letting barriers down and finally being able to feel free. The Queer community is such a close-knit, educated and different community I sometimes forget that there are ‘Others‘ living outside of it, who only know as far as G and L. Pride is away for us to bring those others in, welcome them, show them that we are not a completely different race of people who need to be ostracized. Pride is a way to show those more close minded that Societies like this one are not just a ‘Gay Sympathisers’ Society, but a Society that is dedicated to education, representation and safety. Pride is a way for us to celebrate how far we’ve come in the last 40 years and to highlight how far we still have to go.
Something I feel that Pride brings to everyone is acceptance.
I love Pride and Pride loves me.



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