Safe Space

Here in Out in UL we enforce a safe space policy. We believe safe space is extremely important to our society because, let’s be honest here, the world is not always a welcoming place. Sometimes it can be very hard for people to express their opinions and be themselves. Sometimes people might feel scared of speaking up because of either who they are, or what they’re feeling. They might feel as if they’ll be looked down upon, or someone will think that their opinions are irrelevant because their journeys or experiences weren’t as difficult or hard as another persons. And sometimes people might not be out to everyone, and they’re scared someone will tell someone else.


In our meetings, no one will look down on you. You are now and always have been our equal. We strive to make sure you feel safe and happy in our meetings as you would when you’re cuddly warm in your bed, and we don’t put up with any hateful or hurtful language of any kind and whatever is said in the room, stays in the room. No one will ‘out’ you. No one will be indiscreet about certain subjects so there’s no need to worry. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.


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