Geili Thur
Dia duit, a chairde! Yup that’s right, for Seachtain na Gaeilge 2015, Out in UL teamed up with Cumann Gaelach and International Society to bring UL another night of craic agus ceol! Needless to say, after our last Géilí everyone is well aware of what a ridiculously uncoordinated group of Queers we are, and this time around wasn’t much different!
This years Géilí was held in The Stables Club, which we managed to almost entirely cover in an array of flags and decorations from the three societies.
We started the night off with a few pop songs to get everybody loosened up (and let me just say that some of us were fierce).
After some pretty intense dance-offs, we got some trad music on, and after a bit of hesitation, we got a few brave buachaillí and cailíní from all three societies to come out and show us a few of their best attempts at a few of the reels and jigs. Then we had a few of our favourite group numbers, including The Siege of Ennis, Shoe the Donkey and The Walls of Limerick. Afterwards, a few of the professionals stepped in to show us how the cuts and double clicks are really done. Special shout out to the wonderful Tadgh O’Donovan who really got everyone rearing to go! Then came one of the best bits of the night, where those fantastic Cumann Gaelach girls decided they’d play a Musical Statues type game with a twist, whereby instead of freezing, you’d have to get into the most brilliantly awkward positions with your partner, and try to hold them for God knows long!
Then to round up this night full of spórt agus spraoi, everyone got up and had a good old dance to An Dreoilin. Huge thanks to the brilliant International Society and Cumann Gaelach for being such great societies to work with! Am ceanna an bhliain seo chugainn?

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