What’s that? Out in UL’s biggest event of the year is just around the corner?? That can only mean one thing…


Yup, it’s finally that time again! Queerbash XIII is happening on Friday 15th April at 9pm in Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick.

Oh what’s that? You want to know the theme? Well this year’s theme is…

Cirque du Queerbash!

That’s right, for our lucky 13th year of Queerbash we’re going to transform Dolan’s into our very own circus. Think mimes, lions, elephants, monkeys, clowns, jesters, ringleaders, gypsies, acrobats, burlesque dancers and anything you can work your way into being acceptable to see at a big top!

As always, we have plenty of special guests lined up for the night, including our very own AMUL favourite, Notorious K.I.D.! We also have  performances by Dance UL, UL Drama Soc, and Charnell Clearwater, as well as music from Cosmic Humans and a DJ!

So roll up, roll up, as Out in UL invite you to get your 2008 Britney on and join us at the circus!

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