Out in UL AGM & Mary Pinkhairs 2016!

Out in UL’s Annual General Meeting (also our last members meeting of the semester, sadface) was held on Monday April 18th and our new committee was elected! We are incredibly excited for next semester as our committee looks like a force to be reckoned with, featuring old faces and new. Following our AGM, this year’s Mary Pinkhairs took place, recognising the extraordinary conventional and unconventional achievements of our members. Congratulations to all the winners and those who were nominated, and to everyone in the society for making 2015/16 an amazing year for Out in UL. ❤ Worry not, we’ll be back in a few months and here’s hoping that 2016/17 will be another fantastic year for our wonderful society!

Mary Pinkhairs 2016 – The Winners!
Best Mary Pinkhair: Ciara Gordon
Roots Award for Growth: Sarah Hogan
Best Couple as Shipped by Mary Pinkhair: Ilyana Keohane and Baked Goods
Shadiest Mary Pinkhair: Francis Lee
Best Moment: Lorcan disappearing at Pride and Ciara falling off the bus
Why Jack Off Alone Award: Seán Ó Broin Mike Wazowski-ing Seán Lynch
Best Mysterious Mary Pinkhair: Student centre referendum No campaign (accepted on their behalf by Yes campaign shade-thrower Kiera Thornton)
Honorary Mary Pinkhair: Michelle Whyte

Incoming Out in UL Committee for Autumn Semester 2016/17!
Co-Presidents: Ciara Gordon and Seán Lynch
Vice President and Public Relations Officer: Kiera Thornton
Secretary: Sarah Hogan
Treasurer: Christian Tan
Events Officer: Seán Ó Broin
Events Assistant: James Connolly
Campaigns Officer: Lorcan O’Donnell
Health and Safety Officer: Francis Lee
First Year Rep: Vacant – to be elected at start of Autumn semester
Ordinary Committee Members: Robert Culhane and Catherine Mann

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