Louder Than Words

Louder Than Words
SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

(As reported by The Ogham Stone team member and communications facilitator, Ciara Gordon)

On Thursday September 21st, Out in UL  held a poetry evening, ‘Louder Than Words’ in The Scholars Club on campus. Poetry evenings have become a staple in Limerick city recently, due to the rise in popularity of a monthly event for emerging writers called Stanzas. Stanzas aims to give a platform to those who are just starting to create prose and poetry, and gives them an opportunity to allow their writing to engage with the wider community. Out in UL saw the impact of this event and decided to try and engage the student population of UL even more with the joys of poetry.

‘Louder Than Words’ began with poetry readings by some members of the society, which included many original poems, that had a strong focus on the themes of identity and sexuality. After a short break, those in attendance were encouraged to take part in the open mic section of the night, where they could read any poetry that meant something to them. Several people decided to give it a go, many of whom had never read in public before, but all shared a love of words, be it their own or those of a poet they resonated with.

Events Officer of the society, Luke Slattery, gave his views on why poetry events such as Louder Than Words resonate with people; “Poetry is gaining popularity in Limerick and UL because of how accessible it is. You don’t need a specific skill set or tools to express yourself through it, whether it be for yourself or to an audience. Sure, there are different levels of abilities, but all are equally appreciated and have the same ears listening at events and readings.”

‘Louder Than Words’ was an intimate and thoroughly enjoyable event, which was a wonderful experience for those on either side of the microphone, and will hopefully become a regular event in UL!

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