Disney Quiz and Karaoke Night!

Out in UL and UL Drama Society held our third annual Disney Quiz and Karaoke Night in Scholars on Thursday and I think everyone who attended would agree that it was a wonderful night.  This was our third time hosting this event and it seems to grow bigger every year!  Scholars was packed to capacity and our president even had to stand out in the Courtyard repeating the questions to the people sitting out there, because there wasn’t a seat left inside, but even those outside seemed to have a great time!

It was amazing to see so much enthusiasm from everyone. People wore their Disney t shirts, and some even went as far as to wear their Minnie mouse costumes!  People went all out and it made the night one to remember!

We started the night off with the quiz, and if you weren’t a Disney Pro this definitely must’ve been a struggle (I know I, for one, struggled immensely!).  The questions could only have been conjured up by a true Disney mastermind!  The questions ranged from “What was the 33rd Disney feature film released in the Renaissance Era?” (It was Mulan), to “What year was Alice in Wonderland released?” (1951).  There were several rounds including ‘Mickey and Friends’, ‘Disney Princesses’, ‘Pixar’ and ‘Star Wars’.  There was something to test everyone’s strengths and weaknesses (mostly weaknesses on my part!), and there were even spot prizes for best team name (shout out to Team Dumbledory and the School of Fishcraft and Swimmery).  The Walt Quizneys (well one of the 3 teams with that very original name…) took the victory, and went away with first prize, so a huge congratulations to them, and to everyone who took part and made the night so magical.

The second half of the night was dedicated to Karaoke, and people took to the stage to sing songs from all of the Disney classics, from Hercules to Highschool Musical, to Moana! People sang their hearts out and the whole crowd joined in with them, and it was such an incredible atmosphere!

It was an incredible night, with incredible people and we hope this annual event will keep going long into the future because it’s a night that everyone seems to enjoy!  A huge thanks is owed to everyone who made this night possible, especially Drama Soc, Scholars and all of our wonderful sponsors (Red Bull, Odeon Cinema, Anne  Gray’s Pharmacy, Melt, Hogan’s Butchers).  We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and come again next year!

175977-disney-disney-characters.jpg (1920×1200)


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