SoULFest 2017

This week was SoULFest (the Societies of UL Festival) here in the University of Limerick and there was so much going on around campus to celebrate our societies. From our candle lit vigil, to Drama’s Horror Tour, to the All Society event in the courtyard, there was something for everyone to get involved with!

We held our event in the Plaza on Monday after our Member’s meeting on internalised Queerphobia. We held a vigil of remembrance for members of the LGBT+ community who have passed away and who are often forgotten even within the community. These people have been instrumental in the fight for equality, and faced adversity because of who they were and we wanted to shine a light on the incredible work they did and celebrate their lives! We created a canvas which we painted the names of those we wanted to remember on in white, so their names could only be seen when we shone a light on them, and we lit up the plaza with over one hundred candles. Our Campaigns Officer gave a moving speech about the importance of the people on the board and the work they did throughout their lives that changed the way the world viewed LGBT+ people. It was beautiful and important event, which finished with Elton John’s ‘A Candle in The Wind’ playing in the background as everyone paused to remember those who were forgotten.

On Wednesday we attended the All Societies Fiesta in the Courtyard and set up a stall along side many of the other wonderful societies in UL. Our stall was, of course, draped in rainbow flags and scattered with condoms, resources and sweets and we ran a ‘Guess how Many Condoms are in The Jar’ competition which was entered by over 100 people!  It was a great event which highlighted what the different societies of UL do!


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