Rainbow Week 2017

Nine events, five days, and one very exhausted but delighted committee later and our seventh annual Rainbow Week has come to an end.  It was a busy week, full of courtyard events, workshops, chill nights in and of course, our fabulous big night out of the semester!  There was something on for everyone to enjoy and learn from, whether you were LGBTQ+, an ally, or just curious as to why we were throwing plastic bowling balls in the courtyard, and it was great to see so many people getting involved.  Rainbow Week has been held for the last seven years and every year it grows bigger and better and attracts a wider audience, and I’m already excited for next year!

Rainbow Week started off on Monday with our courtyard event “No Stupid Questions” which was intended to be an opportunity for people to ask us anything on their mind about the LGBTQ+ community, NO question is a stupid question (though some people genuinely thought we weren’t accepting ‘stupid questions’).  Monday evening, we held a classy Masquerade Ball in the Millstream Common room where we had snacks and tea and coffee, and everyone dressed up and had a ball.  Rhayn won our competition for Best Mask with her ‘Purple Rain’ inspired look, and everyone had a fun time!

On Tuesday there was a workshop on Allyship on in the afternoon where we discussed what it meant to be a good ally both to and within the LGBTQ+ community.  Tuesday evening we held our murder mystery themed ‘Big Night In’ where Aoife killed the poor thieving Butler because she was jealous that his case was taking her detective husband’s attention away from her!  It was a tense game, accusations were flying, but everything was forgiven once the pizza arrived.

On Wednesday we were back in the courtyard with a game of ‘Knock ‘em Down’ to test people’s knowledge of LGBTQ+ terms, and we got some very interesting answers, but everyone learned something new and won some sweets in the process.  On Wednesday evening we had a fun table quiz collaboration with Science Soc and WISTEM2D in the Sports Bar, featuring some leg waxing for charity, and more pizza (pizza was a main theme for the week apparently!).

Thursday was the day everyone had been waiting for, and the day was spent buzzing with anticipation for our Big Night Out.  In the afternoon we had a very interesting workshop on Polyamory and Monogamy in the afternoon, with top class performances from Sarah and Fiona who were hosting it.  In the evening, of course, was our Big Night Out!  It started in Strokers Equality Bar, with boppin’ tunes from a live trad band (we were confused too) and a fantabulous drag performance from AMUL winner 2017, Betty Swallows.  We then went onto Costies to hit the dance floor and dance the night away.

Rainbow Week 2017 came to a close on Friday afternoon with RecoverTea in the Students Union where everyone came to recover from the night before with a good ole cuppa’ tea and biscuits, looking back on the week we’d had together.  It was a fantastic week that highlighted what we do as a society and made our rainbow shine bright across campus.


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