AMUL 2018 could be summed up in just one word – WOW!
This year was bigger and better than ever before, and totally smashed everyone’s expectations, including committee’s, if we’re being honest.

This year, last year’s winning queen, the ever glamorous, fiery red-headed diva that is Miss Betty Swallows took over as host, and the competition was held in the usual spot of Scholar’s bar in UL. Our judges were Conor Clohessy from UL Drama Soc, as well as our very own Events team, made up of the wonderful Ignas Nenorta, and the fabulous Miss TeCiara Mockingbird!

P1090662 edit
Conor Clohessy (UL Drama Soc), TeCiara Mockingbird & Ignas Nenorta (Out in UL Events Team)

We had four amazing contestants taking to the stage this year: newbies Sarah Tonin, Anida Mojito, and Mona Lott, and a familiar face, Miss Rosanna “The Royal Pain” Richards, back again to try and snatch the crown.

P1090657 edit
(L to R) Anida Mojito, Mona Lott, Betty Swallows, Rosanna ‘Royal Pain’ Richards, Sarah Tonin.

Opening up the night was a group lip sync to Dua Lipa’s New Rules to get a little glimpse of the competition to come.


This was followed by each of the contestants being given the chance to participate in some trash talk – no sorry, the chance to showcase their wonderfully amicable and not at all bitchy personas in our personality round, where the shade was REAL.

P1090685 edit.jpg
Sarah Tonin shading Rosanna as part of the personality round.

The final round of this section was the individual lip syncs, which was an experience to say the least! Each contestant chose their own song, one which they felt best showed off why they deserved the crown.

First up we has Rosanna who gave us some Michelle Pfeiffer realness with “Miss Baltimore Crabs” from Hairspray.

Next we had a Meghan Trainor mash-up from Miss Mona Lott who wanted us to “Woman Up”, asked if our “Lips are Movin’”.

She was followed by Anida Mojita, who gave us some pure old-school lip syncing with the classic “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

And finally Sarah Tonin rocked our socks with some queen of pop, Britney Spears realness with “3”.

As the judges deliberated, we had a 20 minute interval where raffle tickets were sold (and sold out way quicker than anticipated, sorry about that lol).
After the break, Betty announced that our top 2 contestants for the night were Sarah Tonin and Rosanna, who would now be facing off in a final Lip Sync for Your Life! The winners of the raffle were then announced (thank you again to everyone who took part!), followed by this year’s Queerbash theme reveal, the theme being *insert drumroll here* …..SPACE! Queerbash will be taking place in Dolan’s Warehouse on April 5th! Be there.

We then had a performance from our judge/events officer/general overachiever (can you all tell that Ciara wrote this and that Sinead is just editing it), TeCiara Mockingbird performed ‘Papi’ by Todrick Hall and Nicole Scherzinger (yes, both parts, we told you she’s an overachiever).

Next off we had our top 2 compete for the crown with Katy Perry’s song ‘E.T.’. There were splits, lightsabers, tumbles, and probably more than a few bruises after that absolutely gob-smacking performance.

While the judges took off to choose a winner, we had our current reigning superstar, Miss Betty, snatch all of our wigs with her performance of Cupcakke’s ‘Duck Duck Goose’, and Beyoncé’s ‘Partition’, which reminded us all that the only Queen B is Queen Betty (and she’s a damn good kisser, just saying).

Finally it was time for the winner to be announced. TeCiara took to the stage to thank everyone for coming, as well as all those involved in making the night so fabulous. Then, silence fell across the room as the winner was revealed to us all. This year’s Miss Alternative Miss UL is…
Finally, after last year’s defeat, Rosanna has won the crown, which she is sure to parade around and remind anyone who’s willing to listen for next year (please don’t come for me girl, you scare me).

P1090707 edit

We’d all like to again say a massive thank you to everyone who showed up, we hope you enjoyed yourselves, and we’re already hyped for next year! Who knows, maybe TeCiara’s time will finally come… 

P1090714 edit.jpg


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