Queerbash! For those of you who are in the know, and for those who aren’t, Queerbash is Out in UL’s biggest annual event, and the most anticipated event of the academic year! (Well, for us anyway).

The first Queerbash took place in 2004, organised by the late Paddy McHugh as a way of bringing together the queer and straight communities. This year, fourteen whole years later, we just had to take it to the next level. So we took it all the way to outer space! (Get it? Outer. ‘Cuz we’re Out in UL. You get it. The theme was Space).


As usual, the event was held in Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick. Dolan’s, as always, was the perfect venue for the night and extremely accommodating to our needs. (Thank you Dolans!)

Preparation started for the night weeks in advance, with rehearsals, costume planning, practice for the committee chorus line, and of course, making decorations! We had some help from the lovely new UL Craft Society We were super excited about collaborating with them, and it was something we’d wanted to do all semester, so what better opportunity than Queerbash!

On the day, decorating started at around 1pm, and went on until dress rehearsals. The venue was transformed into a galaxy of colors and lights, (and it looked fantastic, if I say so myself).

Doors opened at 9pm, and as always, entry was 10 euro. We had a really great turn out, and couldn’t have been more delighted to see such a great mix of both familiar and new faces this year!

The show kicked off at around 10pm,  presented by the fabulous Betty Swallows and TeCiara Mockingbird. They got the crowd all warmed up in no time with their mixture of jokes, banter, and shady commentary.

2018 04 05 (15)

We then got the night started off with a dance performance from the wonderful Ray Bawle. Ray, a former student of Voice and Dance in UL, is a Queerbash regular, and as with every year, she brought us a captivating mixture of dance styles.

2018 04 05 (30)

Next up, we had performances from Top Queen and Alternative Miss UL  2018 winner, Rosanna “the Royal Pain” Richards! As expected of the reigning champion, she brought us power, emotion, and drama, and snatched every wig in the room, including her own.

Following her performance, she handed over the mic to AMUL runner up, Sarah Tonin, in a dramatic, RuPaul’s Drag Race inspired skit. Sarah really turned up the party with her lipsync performance to Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj.

If you want to see more of Rosanna and Sarah, we’re so excited to announce that they’ll both be performing at Limerick Pride this summer! We’re so proud of them!

After those electrifying performances, we had a comedy sketch by UL Drama Society! Another regular act for Queerbash, they brought us another fantastic sketch this year, and had the crowd in stitches.

Next up, we had a performance from AMUL 2017 winner, Queerbash host, and general all-rounder, Betty Swallows. As usual, she owned the stage, and left us gagging…

2018 04 05 (129)

Then, it was time for the Chorus Line! This year, we were singing to S Club 7’s Reach! It got the crowd going, of course, because who doesn’t love a bit of Reach! For the stars…

2018 04 05 (153)

Then, for our final act of the night, we had a band from UL Music Soc join us! They played us all of the classic pop-punk tunes that we love, and got the whole crowd dancing, before the music was taken over by our favourite DJ, Eoghan Clark until the end of the night.

The night was a huge success, (it really was out of this world), and we’d like to thank every single person who helped out in any way, be it performing, collaborating, or attending! You’re all stars! See you all next year for Queerbash 16… 

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