Hello, hello, hello!

It’s been a strange year for sure. After last semester came to an unfortunate early close, we’ve been working hard to make sure we are still able to bring our members our usual meeting and hangouts! And, despite a late start to the semester, we are fully up and running, including a new committee!

With a national lockdown now in place until December 1st, as well as the closure of UL campus, we will be continuing to operate on a virtual-only basis for the rest of semester 1. But don’t fear, things will be business as (almost) usual – Our weekly Members Meetings, as well as Queer Hangouts, are still running, now virtually via Zoom.
We’re still covering a full range of topics at meetings, from LGBTQ+ issues and history, to sexual and mental health – especially important for all of us this year! Queer Hangouts will be everything and anything, including games nights, watch parties, and chats!

Detailed information about the above, including Zoom links, will be circulated via email to our members, as well as on our members-only Facebook banter page! If you are a paid member, email pro.outinul@gmail.com to be added if you aren’t already!

We are always accepting new members – if you’re looking to join, check us out at ulwolves.ie/out-in-ul. Membership is only €5 for the entire year!

Keep an eye out on our social media too – we’ll be sharing the details of all our upcoming events this semester, including our annual Rainbow Week! You can find us on all of the following:


Looking forward to the rest of the semester with you all!

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