UL Clubs and Societies Awards

Best New/Improved Society

Best Society Event (Queerbash 8)

Best Society Event (Queerbash 11) (Nominated)

Best Society Individual

Best Society


Most Improved Society (Large College)

Best Society in a Cultural, Academic or Social Field (Large College)(Nominated)

Best Poster(Nominated)


Best LGBT Student Society in Ireland

Members’ Testimonials

‘I’ve only been a member of Out in UL for a semester, but I’ve been thrilled to be able to be so involved with such a cool group. As a study abroad student, it was great to be able to join such a friendly, welcoming group; I felt comfortable and included right away, and since we always have some kind of event in the works I’m never without something to do!’

-Katie Casey

Since becoming a member of Out in UL I feel as if I have grown more as a person with the support that the society has given me. All members of the society really support each other, we’ve become a family who know that we can always rely on each other in times of need. The society is going from strength to strength in UL and being a member of it makes me want to do all that I can to see it grow and succeed.


When I first entered UL, I joined multiple societies but within the space of three weeks, Out in UL was the meeting I made every week without fail and a place where I felt absolutely at home.

When I first joined, I was still publicly identifying as a “straight ally” and I wondered how I would fit in with the group. I needn’t have worried – everyone is welcome to Out in UL, regardless of orientation. The only expectation was to be open and accepting of everyone.

I dove into activities which ranged from games to discussions to coming out stories and nights out and along the way I met people who went from “society friends” to “best friends.” The actual society events were so varied that there was always the perfect mix of fun, banter and support. It was with the support of the society and the new found confidence around sexual orientation that allowed me to come out as bisexual.

I particularly loved the workshops that Out in UL put on – the coming out workshops were emotional and intense but utterly amazing and something I would never have experienced without Out in UL. I even got the opportunity to give a talk to the other members about biphobia, which I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before coming to UL.

-Kate Stewart


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