Jeremy Kyle’s Out in UL Bonanza!

As part of Societies of UL Week, Out In UL present our LGBTQ spin on the Jeremy Kyle show. An entertaining look at serious LGBTQ issues with audience participation it was something that will not be forgotten for a while and will more than likely result in a few months of inside jokes for those … Continue reading Jeremy Kyle’s Out in UL Bonanza!

AMUL 2013

This year's Alternative Miss UL was a huge success with four highly-skilled participants: Imma Twoface, Gayko Coy, Tina Seymour, and Scarlett Nomanson. The contestants were subjected to three rounds of grilling questions, a showcase of their talent, and a surprise mystery round. The unanimous winner was Tina Seymour a.k.a. The Bearded Lady, followed by Ima Twoface (the … Continue reading AMUL 2013