Coming Out in UL – A new project

Have you always wanted to tell your coming out story to the rest of the world? Do you have some Do's and Don't's that you'd like to share with the LGBTQ community? Are there any hard and fast rules to coming out, in your opinion? If you're willing to tell your story - whether sad, … Continue reading Coming Out in UL – A new project

Obama Embraces Marriage Equality

Barrack Obama has recently come out in support of marriage equality. This is obviously fantastic news for LGBTQ people in the US, and shows further progression towards full equality. But is this reflective of Obama's own views, or is this just a way to garner the liberal vote in the upcoming election? A member of … Continue reading Obama Embraces Marriage Equality

C&S Awards

Hey everyone! Some good news! We've been short listed for the following award at the upcoming UL Clubs & Socs Awards: New/Improved Society Best Society Event (Queerbash 8) Best Society Individual (Niall Russell) Hustings for the awards will take place Tuesday 6 March at 6pm in the Johnathan Swift Theatre. We'd really appreciate anyone who … Continue reading C&S Awards


Hey everyone, Our EGM will take place Monday 6 February at 7pm. Email for room details. Same will be sent to members. The EGM gives us the opportunity to elect new committee members. Some of the current committee wish to retain their positions, but as per EGM policy, all positions will be made available. … Continue reading EGM