Co-President: Hailey Dillane

Heyo, my name is Hailey and I’m the bisexual transgender Co-President of Out In UL. There really ain’t that much to say about me; I’m just a soft girl who loves to chill with Netflix and oversized hoodies and cozy blankets and cuddles. Like I said soft girl. And I love doggos, they beautiful little creatures. That all if you wanna contact me, email:

Co-President: Jack Butler




Hi folks! I’m Jack and I’ll be one of your presidents for this year! So what does that mean for you? Well essentially Hailey and I will be working with everyone else on committee to make sure this year will be safe, secure, and most importantly, sexy- I mean,  uh….stylish. Yeah that works. If you have issues, queries, complaints, or anything like that, you can get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do! I joined Out in UL in 1st year coming from a rural area where I quite literally was the only gay in the village, I know too well how daunting it can be to get involved with a society of like-minded people when you’re used to being alone with it, but I really cannot stress enough how great it was to go to my first meeting. It’s not just a society, it’s friends, activities and in these crazy times, a place to be yourself! 

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