Out In UL hosts a wide variety of annual events. Our main events are:

  • Rainbow Week, a week of on-campus events in Semester 1, aimed at highlighting Out in UL and the LGBTQ+ student community! 

  • Alternative Mx UL, UL’s only amateur drag competition, open to contestants from UL and the Limerick area! 

  • Queerbash, our largest annual showcase event, open to students and members of the wider community! Featuring dance, drama, and drag performances, a live band and DJ – it’s a celebration!

Each event is carefully planned by our events team, weeks (if not months!) in advance, in order to make sure that our members have the best time possible. And, while some of our events are open for anyone to join, many events are kept members-only, in order to ensure everyone feels comfortable to be themselves and have a good time. 

As well as planning our own events, we also organise society trips to attend a number of events around the country, such as Limerick and Dublin Prides!

Have a browse of our blog and see everything we get up to – we look forward to seeing you at our next event!