Alternative Mx UL

Alternative Mx UL (AMUL), formerly known as Alternative Miss UL, is UL’s annual amateur drag competition! We welcome Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Faux Queens, Faux Kings, and everything in between!

The event is currently held during Semester 1, and is open to applicants from UL and other third level institutes around Limerick! We welcome contestants with little to no drag experience, and can provide help in terms of drag names, wigs, makeup, and more!

Applications open every semester, so if you’re interested in joining the AMUL Hall of Fame, keep an eye on our social media, and maybe you’ll be the next to wear the coveted crown…

Alternative Mx UL Hall of Fame


2011/12Barb Wyre
2013/14Tina Seymour
2014/15Natalia Pills
2015/16Aurora Saphyre
2016/17Charnell Clearwater
2017/18Betty Swallows
2018/19Rosanna “The Royal Pain” Richards
2019/20Oksana Magenta

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