Alternative Miss UL

AMUL or Alternative Miss UL was started in 2011, and is our annual amateur drag show which takes place in the Spring Semester of our college year in Scholars pub on campus.226932_10200711175921830_1005184520_n

However we have had well known presenters before, such as Drag Queens Connie Leibe and Celene and Miss Gay Limerick as well as our previous winners.

1653735_818400038175392_1639691323_nConnie Liebe


429923_10151414408066110_1130459182_nKate Stewart – Miss Gay Limerick 2013

We do Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Faux Queens and Faux Kings. We train them up, help them create their character, give them drag workshops, do their makeup and provide them with outfits. All they have to bring is raw talent!

There are 3 rounds in the show altogether: the introduction round, the talent round and the mystery round. Each contender is given 100% free reign over their talent. The weirder and wackier the better! Come be TRAGIC with us!

The previous winners of AMUL are:


2011:  Barb Wyre


2012:  Titfanni


2013: Tina Seymour

image (1)

2014: Natalia Pills

2015: Aurora Saphyre

(We apologise for the delay in getting a blog post about this event out. It will be up soon!)

Who will be Alternative Miss UL 2016?

2014-03-13 18.23.20

Come along and be TRAGIC with us!

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