Queerbash is Out in UL’s largest showcase event, and is also the longest-running event in UL! Started in 2004 by Paddy McHugh as a way of bringing the queer community and the wider community together, every year, Out in UL hosts the event in a non-queer venue. For the last couple of years Queerbash has been held in Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick city.

With Queerbash, Out in UL aim to battle homophobia by reclaiming the word ‘Queerbash’ as something positive and empowering for the LGBTQ+ community. Since then, it has expanded into one of the most prolific events in the queer calendar of Munster. Now, obviously, it is not an event to “bash the queers”, but rather, “bash” is used to mean paaaaarty!

Each year, Queerbash has a theme; these have included everything from the seven deadly sins, fairytales, and space; in 2012, Queerbash was honoured with the Best Society Event award for Queerbash 8, a gothic-themed spectacle, and in 2019, to mark the 16th Queerbash and the 21st anniversary of Out in UL, we held a birthday themed event!

The event usually features a mixture of live acts – dance, drama, and drag, performed by members of Dance UL, UL Drama Soc, and members of Out in UL. Then, after the show, we dance the night away to live music by UL Music Soc, or by local bands and DJs! 

Click here for more info on Queerbash and its history.

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