Queerbash is Out in UL’s largest showcase event, and is also the longest-running event in UL. Queerbash was started in 2004 by Paddy McHugh as a way of bringing the queer community and the wider community together. Every year, Out in UL takes over a non-queer venue, and makes it queer for the night. For the last couple of years Queerbash has been held in Dolans Wearhouse in Limerick City.



With Queerbash, Out in UL intended to battle homophobia by reclaiming the word ‘Queerbash’ as something positive and empowering for the queer community. Since then, it has expanded into one of the most prolific events in the queer calendar of Munster. Now, obviously it is not an event to “Bash the Queers”, but taking on the word “bash” to mean “Partaaaay”.

Queerbash 10Queerbash has grown considerably in the last number of years, taking place in venues such as Baker Place, Tatlers, Bentleys, and Dolan’s Warehouse. It’s experienced themes such as déjà vu, 7 deadly sins and gothic themes.  In 2012, Queerbash was honoured with the Best Society Event award for Queerbash 8, a gothic-themed spectacle. Queerbash 9 saw Queers Go Native with a tribal-themed wonder. Queerbash 10 was the 10th anniversary of the event and, of course the theme for that year had to be a big one; “Let The Eat Cake” with free cake for the first 100 people in the door.

Queerbash’s 2014 theme was ‘Step Into Our Time Capsule’. With all eras of time coming together. Come an join us to see the 80’s mesh with Ancient Greece, Victorians with 20’s flappers and 50’s housewives with futuristic hologram clothes! Needless to say, it was a night to remember. The multiple acts we had on show this year, were Candy Warhol and Rusty Hinges, the live band Tigwara, performances from UL Drama and UL Dance. Queerbash 11 was then nominated in the UL C&S Awards for Best Society Event, unfortunately we did not win it, but we are hopeful for next year!


Queerbash 12 was a special one. Pride By The Tide. And for that year we turned all of Dolans Warehouse into  beach! We even had one or two Mermaids wandering about!


We haven’t got a solid theme yet on Queerbash 2016 but as soon as we do we’ll have it posted here so check back soon!


Click here for more info on Queerbash and its history.

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