Rainbow Week

A week long event during which we have education, fun and educational fun!

The week usually includes courtyard stalls, workshops, Big Night In, and a Big Night Out, but every year is a little different! 

  • Courtyard stalls take place in the Student Life courtyard, and range from providing information and a place to discuss mental and sexual health, to the courtyard carnival, where we play games and offer prizes!

  • Workshops are held to provide information to all UL students on a range of LGBTQ+ issues, and often feature guest speakers from other LGBTQ+ organisations around Ireland!

  • Big Night In is a members-only event, where we order pizzas, grab some snacks, play some games, and just hang out together!

  • Big Night Out used to involve a trip to Stroker’s, Limerick’s LGBTQ+ bar, but unfortunately it has since closed down. Nowadays, we head to Scholar’s first, before heading into town to Costello’s for a few drinks and a dance!

Rainbow Week is usually held in Semester 1 of College, usually in late October/early November!

So come on and join in the fun. We can’t wait to see you there!


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