Rainbow Week

A week long event in which we have education, fun and educational fun! Our most common events include, Sex & The Courtyard, Big Night In, Big Night Out and TGIF with International Soc.

  • SEX & The Courtyard, a set-up in the middle of the Courtyard outside the Students Union with a discussions about sexual health and different forms of contraception and safety.


  • Trans* Tea Party in Stables in this day-time event, we all sat around a table in Stables with tea provided and chatted about the types of transformations that Trans* people go through and their experiences with guests Sean Meehan and Rhoda.
  • Workshop on Gender Roles covering topics such as Asexuality, Trans* and Cis explanations, Gender Fluidity and the ‘idea’ of the Gender Binary.
  • Casino Royale Night, the 2013 black tie Launch Night in Stables with cocktails and games like Roulette, 21 and Blackjack. A huge amount of participation from students outside of the society. Drinks vouchers for Stables were to be won.


Each Rainbow Week we team up with International Soc for TGIFridays, which for years has culminated into a massive Glitter Partys, Glow Partys, etc.

Rainbow Week is usually held in Semester 1 of College around the first two weeks in November.

So come on and join in the fun. We can’t wait to see you there!


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