So you want to join the Queer Wolves? Whether you’re a UL Student, Alumni, a member of the general public, or you attend a different third level institution in the country, you’re more than welcome to join Out in UL. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Pre-register with our society on the UL Wolves site here. (You will need a UL Wolves account)

2. Email with any questions you have about the meeting and events times.

3. Come to the start-of-semester recruitment drive, one of out weekly meetings, events, workshops, etc., and give a committee member the membership fee of €3. If you would feel more comfortable you can also meet in confidence with us to pay. It’s that simple!

We are an open society, which means anybody is welcome to join, regardless or gender/sexuality/race/religion! As long as you do not discriminate on any grounds and are accepting of all, you will be welcomed in!




2 thoughts on “Join

  1. Hey, I’m not yet in UL (sixth year, ew) but I just want to say that I actually cannot wait to get there so I can join this society 😀 I’m out, but I still have a lot of things to explore and I’m hoping Out in UL can do this for me!

    1. Hey, brilliant! We can’t wait to meet you, you’re gonna have a great time! Hope you get through 6th year ok! 🙂

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