PRO Assistant

PRO Assistant: Amy Higgins


Oh Hi!

I’m Amy, a second year Digital Arts student, studying Music Media & Performance Technology. I make sick jams and light shows, real cool stuff am I right?
I’m from England but moved to Ireland during secondary school, I’m kinda half Irish, half English, something in the middle.

I’m a huge film nerd, so if you want a subject to talk about that’s the one for me, other than that I love music, listening to it and making it, as well as photography! I’m still a newbie at it but we all gotta start somewhere!

I’m not a dog person, which often gets me killed when I meet people, but I love cute little Reptiles and Arachnids. My favorite spider is the Peacock Spider, because hot damn it’s so cute omg.

I’m a transgender girl, who only came out about a year ago but everyone here is so accepting that it feels like I’ve been out my whole life.

Look forward to seeing you all at events and around campus!