Alternative Miss UL 2014

Welcome back to Alternative Miss UL! We've been looking forward to this event for a while and it has finally arrived! This year was an absolute ball! Both the audience and competitors had a fantastic time with it and we can't wait for next year! This year, we had four of the very best amateurs: … Continue reading Alternative Miss UL 2014

Members Meetings Week 2 – 5

So back for another semester at Hogwar- I mean OutInUL and this time, we'll be trying to bring you updates to what goes on in the members meetings, while also respecting the privacy of our members, therefore, in the following pictures, there should be no members in them apart from the ones who have personally … Continue reading Members Meetings Week 2 – 5

AMUL 2013

This year's Alternative Miss UL was a huge success with four highly-skilled participants: Imma Twoface, Gayko Coy,¬†Tina Seymour, and Scarlett¬†Nomanson. The contestants were subjected to three rounds of grilling questions, a showcase of their talent, and a surprise mystery round. The unanimous winner was Tina Seymour a.k.a. The Bearded Lady, followed by Ima Twoface (the … Continue reading AMUL 2013