Events Assistant

Events Assistant: Ignas Nenorta


Hey guys, my name is Ignas and I will be your Events Assistant this evening (and also the rest of the semester).
I’m a first year Applied Languages student, with an interest in music, reading and getting beaten up (also known as martial arts). I’m originally from Lithuania, lived in Galway for most of my adolescence, and I have now come to Limerick to spread some happiness!
I’m here for any new members to our big happy queer family. Whatever you need from me, I will deliver to the best of my abilities, whether you need a chat, some movie recommendations, a bit of advice, or you want me to slander your nemesis in five different languages. You can count on me!
As a first year, I know how daunting it is to start university, and how scary it can be to join a new society with no familiar faces. I was in your shoes once upon a time last semester, so the memory of it is still fresh in my mind and if I can make it easier for someone to settle in, I will consider my job a success! My metaphorical door is always open and I always love an excuse to procrastinate from my studies, so if you’d like a smiling face to welcome you to the society, I hope you’ll count on me! I’m friendly and will give you hugs!