Events Assistant

Events Assistant: Ríona

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I’m Ríona. Some quick facts: I’m 20, I’m in second year studying physics, I’m 5’7, I’m pan, and I’m super excited to be on committee this semester!
I’ve been out and proud for 6 years now (and been through many ups and downs), so if you’re questioning and need advice, or if you’re just curious and want info, don’t be afraid to talk to me!
On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a chat, I’m down for that too. I’m embracing the true first year nature of making friends with literally everyone that I come into contact with, so don’t be shy! I’m into everything from indie PC games to karate, so I’m sure we’ll find some common ground 😀
Hope to see you all at our meetings, or at least around campus!
Ríona xx
Events Assistant: Andrew Davison
Andrew is nonbinary, queer, and a massive weeb. They are obsessed with anime, manga, and edgy art movies, and are always available to tell you why Farrah Abraham’s “My Teenage Dream Ended” is a masterpiece of music. They are currently studying New Media and English, stressing out majorly about job prospects, and researching potential rich men that they can live happily with in a mansion surrounded by cats. And they are also an events assistant