Events Officer

Events Officer: Ríona Stokes


Hey there, welcome to the site!

My name’s Ríona, and I’m the Events Officer for this year, after being OCM last year. I knew coming into college that I wanted to join the LGBT+ society, but I didn’t know how great it would be! I’ve made some wonderful friends and had some amazing times so far, and I can’t wait for what’s next. Honestly being part of this soc has helped make the transition from second-level to third-level so much easier, and I love it.

I’m in second year doing Applied Physics, which isn’t as bad as it sounds lol. I’m twenty years old and use she/her pronouns, and I’ve been out as pan for about 6 years now. Feel free to hit me up, either online or in person if you wanna chat about anything, either LGBT- or physics-related! I also dabble in PC gaming (read: I have too many steam games I don’t play) and I’ve done karate for almost 13 years. I’m super chatty and friendly and I’m always up for new buddies!

Hope to see you around campus ❤

Rí x

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