Public Relations Officer

PRO: Jack Butler


Heya folks! I’m Jack, I’m a 2nd year Journalism and New Media student, and I’m your Public Relations Officer (PRO) for this year! So, what does my job entail, I hear you cry? Let me tell you!

So my main duties are the promotion of events and meetings through our weekly members emails (90% of the time I’ll be the fella annoying you with the emails) and through our social medias! If it is a social media site, there is a chance we are on it! We got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (I don’t know why either),so give us a follow there!

I joined Out in UL as a timid little first year who knew literally no one else in the society, and coming from rural Kerry (yeah yeah I know, “all of Kerry is rural,” hardy har har), it was such a help for me, and encouraged me to become PR Assistant in the second semester of the year, and now here I is. If you want a chat outside of the society, I’ll always try and make the time!




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