Public Relations Officer

PRO: Jack Butler


Heya folks! I’m Jack, I’m a 2nd year Journalism and New Media student, and I’m your Public Relations Officer (PRO) for this year! So, what does my job entail, I hear you cry? Let me tell you!

So my main duties are the promotion of events and meetings through our weekly members emails and through our social medias! If it is a social media site, there is a chance we are on it! We got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (I don’t know why either),so give us a follow there!

I joined Out in UL as a timid little 1st year who knew literally no one else in the society, and coming from rural Kerry (yeah yeah I know, “all of Kerry is rural hardy har har”), it was such a help for me, and encouraged me to become PR Assistant in the second semester of the year, and now here I am. If you want a chat, outside of the society, I’ll always try and make the time!





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